PediTools website issues update

It's been a tough couple of days at PediTools, but the situation is stabilizing. Many components of the site have been upgraded or replaced.

Some fixes included updating and installing:

  • Web development software to RapidWeaver v7.5.5
  • Migrated the entire website to new version of RapidWeaver; changed directory paths for top-level pages
  • Stacks plugin to v.3.5.7
  • Gravity theme to v5.0.0
  • With excellent technical support from Will Woodgate, received a modified version of the theme that adapts to small screens again
  • Modified the Gravity theme to be compatible with secure socket layers (SSL / https://)
  • Web server now has secure encrypted web access via SSL / https:// activated, and required
  • Updated PHP running on the web server, which fixed a weird crash on calculating time intervals with diff()

Thanks to everyone who reported problems and thanks for your patience.