Fenton 2013 Electronic Growth Chart

  • Plots a longitudinal Fenton 2013 growth chart, with weight, head circumference, and length
  • Calculates percentiles and Z-scores for each measurement
  • Color-coding of weight depending on change in percentiles
  • Calculates actual weekly weight change
  • Calculates weekly weight change needed to maintain current percentile
Gender (only needed if not specified in copy/paste below)
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Based on


  1. From Excel document, copy green area
  2. Paste into the PediTools input text area and click Submit
    • Pasting only the green area avoids sending protected health information
  3. Fenton 2013 Growth Chart will plot
    • For printing, it's best to right-click and save the plot first
  4. Percentiles, Z-scores, actual & goal weekly weight change metrics displayed

Click thumbnails below to enlarge images of the 4 steps.

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