Hyperbilirubinemia management guidelines

Assistance with the AAP 2004 guidelines for the management of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns 35 or more weeks of gestation.

NEW for Feb 2018

  • Now able to accept entry of multiple bilirubin ages and levels
  • Allows visualization of trends on the plots

Risk factors:

  • isoimmune hemolytic disease
  • G6PD deficiency
  • asphyxia
  • significant lethargy
  • temperature instability
  • sepsis
  • acidosis
  • albumin < 3 g/dL

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Age and Bilirubin

Age (hours)
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Tips and Tricks

  • Enter an age and bilirubin level
  • Or, can enter a comma-separated list of ages and bilirubin levels, to assess trends on the plot. Treatment recommendations will be based on the latest age.
  • Or, can enter just an age (with no bilirubin levels) to check what thresholds are at that age

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