CDC Growth calculator for 2 to 20 years

2000 CDC growth charts to report growth metric percentiles and Z-scores on children and adolescents from 2 to 20 years of age.

Includes Weight-for-age, Stature-for-age, Weight-for-stature, and BMI-for-age

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From 2 to 20 years

Male Female
Age (months)
OR Date of birth
and Date of measure
Weight (kg)
Height (cm)

Optional: GA at birth

Categories of obesity for children or adolescents >2 years of age (Styne 2017)

  • Overweight, for BMI >= 85th but <95th percentile
  • Obese, for BMI >= 95th percentile
  • Extremely obese if the BMI is >=120% of the 95th percentile or >=35 kg/m2
  • Predicted percentiles (and Z-scores) much over the 95th percentile using the CDC charts may be inaccurate

Tips and Tricks

  • Valid ages from 2 to 20 years
  • Age: months assumed. To enter years and months, enter #y #m; e.g., 4y 5m
  • Weight: kg assumed. To enter pounds and ounces, enter #-#; e.g., 8-4 for 8 lb and 4 oz
  • Height: cm assumed. To enter feet and inches, enter #' #"; e.g., 4' 5" for 4 feet 5 inches
  • Gestational age, enter in the form of ## #/7; e.g., 30 3/7 for 30 weeks and 3 days gestation

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