2014 AAP RSV prophylaxis policy statement added

On the Fenton 2013 growth calculator page, the decision support was amended to include the 2014 AAP Policy Statement on RSV prophylaxis with palivizumab (reference link at the bottom of the page).

Because some units are continuing to use the 2009 guidelines, I have not removed the older policy recommendations (yet).

Improvements in WHO 0-24m and CDC 2-20y, and bugfix for GA calculator

Implemented new features:

  • WHO 0 - 24 month growth calculator, added predicted increases in weight / head circumference / length to maintain current percentile, for both chronologic and corrected age
  • CDC 2 - 20 year growth calculator, added ability to also display calculations for corrected age, for children who were born premature
  • Gestational age calculator, updated to properly display age when > 1 year old

Thanks to the PediTools users who pointed out the problems and made suggestions for improvement!

Management of hyperbilirubinemia

Added a hyperbilirubinemia management tool, based on the AAP 2004 recommendations.

In addition to specifying the Bhutani nomogram risk zone and displaying the phototherapy initiation thresholds, it also displays the exchange transfusion thresholds, and also shows the point plotted on the three different graphs (risk nomogram, phototherapy thresholds, exchange transfusion thresholds).

To consider doing: add date/time of birth and lab draw, rather than entering hours of age.

Easy to do (actually, already done), but probably not much demand: ability to plot multiple points on the graphs, to better visualize trend and effect of therapy.

Note: when plotted, the points on the graph are sometimes a fraction off. This is because the figures as published are not perfectly horizontally / vertically aligned. The error is probably too small to be clinically significant. The reported numeric thresholds should be more accurate.

Fixed the GA calculator

Thanks to the folks who let me know that the GA calculator got broken. I think I’ve fixed the problem, but please let me know if you notice any problems.

Details: My web provider updated to a newer version of PHP, which broke the function I was using to generate the text of the difference between two dates -- e.g., “2 months and 5 days.” I found a nice built-in function that seems to do the same thing with less effort, so all is well. I think...