Converted inches / pounds-oz automatically in the growth tool

  • I’m currently at a hospital that reports weights in pounds-oz and lengths in inches, so am trying some tweaks to the Growth Calculator to make things a bit easier. In the main data entry area:
  • for head circumference and length, if you enter a number followed by double quotes (“), it will convert the number from inches to centimeters
  • for weight, if you enter two numbers separated by a dash (-), it will convert from pounds and ounces to grams

Please let me know if there is any unexpected behavior or incorrect calculations.

Improved gestational age calculator

Thanks to user feedback, I made a few changes to the GA calculator tool:
  • starts off with default day of interest to TODAY, rather than separately reporting results for TODAY
  • reports both chronologic age and either corrected age or time until due date, for the date of interest in years / months / days (helpful for infant follow-up clinic)
  • reports when first ROP exam would be due for all initial gestational ages (to include babies born at >31 weeks, but with birth weight <1500 grams)

Changing website hosting

  • I’ve noticed that access to PediTools has been occasionally very slow or non-responsive, particularly in the middle of the day. I’m going to try a different shared web hosting provider, in the hopes that that will help.

New features

Thanks to user feedback, some additional features have been added.
  • growth parameter calculator now has a tool to help calculate corrected gestational age
  • gestational age calculator now also reports chronologic and corrected age in years, months, and days
  • parenteral nutrition calculator now shows pie chart of calorie distribution, and indicates when calorie distribution percentages are out of goal ranges. Reformatted output to better fit on iPhone screens.

Site launch

Launching the PediTools website, using the RapidWeaver web development tool for now. Will have to see how well RapidWeaver pages play with PHP-scripted pages.

This site should be considered Under Construction for now. If you use the medical calculation tools, please keep an eye out for bugs / problems, and use the Contact link to let me know about them.